• Business Financial Review

    Did your business have struggles this year and you don’t know why? Let’s get together to talk about the issues you had this year, review your financial statements. After the meeting I will do a financial ratio analysis and come up with areas where you are not meeting industry norms and we can discuss further how to improve in these areas.

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  • End of Year Business Tax Review

    Do you know where you are currently in your tax situation? Did you have a good or bad year? Lets review your year before the end of the year to see if there are any aspects of your business situation that we can use to help in preparing you for the best tax situation this year.

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  • End of Year Individual Tax Review

    Did you have any unexpected income or deductions this year? Did you contribute enough or able to contribute more to your retirement accounts? Did you have any questions on any other potential tax situations? Just unsure of whether you are going to owe taxes or get a refund? Lets review your current year situation and plan for the outcome of your taxes instead of getting a surprise when we prepare your personal income tax return.

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