Scram, Scams!

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Scammers often call taxpayers and ask for some form of personal identification or a form of payment. In most instances the IRS will first send a bill to any taxpayer owing taxes via the U.S. Postal Service. Do not expect a phone call from the IRS if you have not received prior notice via the mail.

Amend a Return

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On occasion, there is a need to change a prior year’s tax return. An amended return can result in either an additional refund for a taxpayer. Furthermore, an additional payment may be due to Uncle Sam.

Itemized Deductions

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Itemized deductions are one tiny facet of your tax returns, but they may require the most upkeep from the taxpayer. Here we offer a wade into the shallow area of a larger itemization pool.

Hot Tax Tips for a Hot Summer

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Outdoor temperatures too hot to do extensive physical activity yields an unpleasant time for winter-loving Northerners. A similar feeling can is being hit with a large tax payment in the springtime of the following year. One should remember taxes as they embark on a hot summer’s income endeavors.

Charitable Donations

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Taxpayers wishing to deduct cash donations must maintain receipts of their cash donations as required by the IRS. Common 501(c)(3) organizations taxpayers donate to include their church, local boys and girls clubs, Goodwill, Salvation Army and some animal rescue organizations including Animal Humane Society.

Gettin’ Married, Gettin’ Taxed

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If you’re reading this, chances are you are newly married, engaged or plan on popping the question sometime soon. Yay, congrats! As you plan your wedding, you should also plan on how the bond of matrimony will affect you in the eyes of the state and the eyes of your tax returns.

Understanding Cryptocurrency

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The most notable difference between the dollar and a Bitcoin is the lack of a centralized authority. Bitcoin is run by a network of computers operated by volunteer coders around planet Earth. It is not operated by a central government and banking system like the dollar. Each transaction only occurs once, with proof of its occurrence for all to see. This is ensured by a general ledger in which anyone in the world can see any Bitcoin transaction, when it happened and for how much.